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Criminal Justice and Criminology are two interrelated areas of study with a rich interdisciplinary academic tradition. Criminology is the study of the etiology and nature of crime and delinquency, and theoretical explanations conceived to explain these behaviors. Criminal Justice is the study of agencies’ responses to criminal and delinquent behavior, the relationship among these agencies, and policies that impact the process through which justice is administered.

Over the past few decades, the faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice at UNC Charlotte has earned local, national, and international reputations in a variety of substantive areas. At the university level, the faculty won the prestigous 15th Annual Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching. At the local level, these reputations have aided in the development and sustainment of collaborative relationships with agency staff and personnel within the surrounding communities. At the national and international levels, these reputations have positioned the Criminal Justice Department to be the 17th most productive Criminal Justice Department in the country.

Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology

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Admission Changes:  In addition to the standard requirements for admission to the criminal justice major, beginning Fall, 2013 students interested in becoming a major must successfully complete a writing component. This essay will assess students' general knowledge of the criminal justice system (successful completion of CJUS 1100 with a "C" or better is required prior to sitting for the essay).  Students' substantive understanding of the system and their ability to communicate their answer accurately and completely are minimum requirements for successful completion.  For students currently enrolled in CJUS1100, this writing component will be administered in your class near the end of the semester. If you pass the Undergraduate Admissions Essay, complete CJUS 1100 and Statistics with a grade of C or better and have a 2.0 GPA, you can then declare the CJ major at a declaration meeting.  We will be holding the Declaration of Major meetings on May 6 at 10:30 a.m. in Cone 111 and May 7 at 1:30 in Cone 112.
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Succeeding on the Undergraduate Admission Essay

To prepare for this writing exercise, you can review the rubric and the study slides below.  If you are registered with Disability Services and need accommodations, you need to notify the Criminal Justice office before the date of your essay.

Review the grading rubric

For more help with the essay, view the slides from the October 3rd Undergraduate Admissions Essay meeting.

If you are unsuccessful at your first attempt, here are some additional suggestions to improve your chances at success:

To Improve Your Substantive Understanding of Criminal Justice

(1) Review your notes from CJUS 1100 (Introduction to Criminal Justice)

(2) Sit in on a CJUS 1100 class

(3) Review an Introduction to Criminal Justice textbook (one will be on reserve at the Library)

To Improve Your Writing Skills

(1) Visit the Writing Resources Center (

(2) Review notes from First-Year Writing Course


Chat with the Chair!   Are you interested in giving the department your feedback?  We are interested in hearing your opinions about both the strengths and the weaknesses of the department.  I am inviting you to an informal meeting where I would like to ask you questions regarding your experiences in the major.  Your responses will be confidential and I will not be taking names!  Thank you in advance for your insights. 

Links to sign up for a session are below and on our website at (   I only need your first name so I know how many people are coming.

March 24th  8:30 am -

March 24th  3:30 pm -

April 1  8:30 am -

April 1  3:30 pm -