Repeating a Course

Repeating a class you previously passed:  You must see an advisor to get an override to repeat the class. This process does NOT automatically REPLACE the grade.  See below.

Students will no longer be allowed to immediately register for a course if credit has already been earned for that course, unless the course description in the University catalog indicates it "may be repeated for credit".  This applies to credit earned at UNC Charlotte or transferred from other Institutions.

The registration error message, “Repeated Course”, prevents students from registering for that specific course without a “REPEAT” override.  This override will ONLY handle the “Repeated Course” registration error message, however; additional overrides may be needed if other error messages are received.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Follow the directions for your major's college to request a repeat override.
  1. Register for your class if the repeat override is approved. ***Approved overrides requested for classes that are currently in progress will be issued beginning three weeks after the first day of registration.***
  1. After registering for the course, if you are doing a Grade Replacement Request be sure to submit your request through 49er Express by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. *** This will not happen automatically. You must request the grade to be replaced.  You are allowed two grade replacements during your academic career.
  1. At the end of the term, if credit is earned for the class, students are subject to the Repeating Courses policy in the University Catalog. The “REPEAT” override does not impact this policy.