Funded Research

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology faculty actively pursue grants in order to research issues from agencies to initiatives to programs and more. Grants that our faculty have received are listed below.


  • REU Site: UNCC Crime Analytics Research Experiences for Undergraduates - Dr. Michael Turner (PI), Dr. Beth Bjerregaard, and Dr. Matt Phillips [Funded: $306,744]


  • Evaluating TARGET Trauma-Informed Juvenile Program in Community Corrections - Dr. Shannon Reid (PI), Dr. Jen Hartman, and Dr. Shelley Listwan [Funded: $493,488]
  • Arbitrary Profiling Review - Dr. Joe Kuhns (PI) and Dr. Shannon Reid [Funded: $21,270]
  • Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Project - Dr. Beth Bjerregaard [Funded: $10,200]


  • Assessing the Fidelity of National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Demonstration Field Experiment (DFE): Changing Attitudes and Motivation in Parolees (CHAMPS) - Dr. Shelley Listwan (PI) and Dr. Jen Hartman [Funded: $134,170]
  • Victim Responses to Burglary - Dr. Joe Kuhns (PI), Dr. Kristie Blevins, and Dr. Michael Turner [Funded: $49,499]
  • Crime Analysis Capability - Dr. Shannon Reid (PI) [Funded: $49,499]


  • CABARRUS STARS - Minority Youth Violence Prevention: Integrating Public Health and Community Policing Approaches - Dr. Michael Turner (PI) [Funded: $90,000]


  • Mecklenburg County Frequent User Service Enhancement (FUSE) Pilot Evaluation - Dr. Shelley Listwan (PI) [Funded: $191,917]


  • Assessment of Need: Homeless Arrestees, Mecklenburg County Jail - Dr. Paul Friday (PI) and Dr. Charisse Coston [Funded: $5,500]


  • Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender's Perspective - Dr. Joe Kuhns (PI) [Funded: $49,984]
  • Comparative Study of Female Police Officers - Dr. Vivian Lord (PI) [Funded: $12,000]
  • Chinese Judge Training - Dr. Paul Friday (PI) [Funded: $7,560]
  • JoAn Wood Pilot Project Evaluation - Dr. Shelley Listwan (PI) [Funded: $66,000]


  • Montgomery County Gang Assessment - Dr. Paul Friday (PI) [Funded: $18,270]
  • Western & South China International Conference on Drug Issues - Dr. Paul Friday (PI) [Funded: $7,560]
  • Study of Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) in North Carolina - Dr. Vivian Lord (PI), Dr. Beth Bjerregaard, and Dr. Kristie Blevins [Funded: $29,956]
  • Cabarrus County Gangs - Dr. Paul Friday (PI) [Funded: $12,000]