Criminal Justice Learning Community for Transfer Students

Transfer students who participate in our year-long program consisting of two seminars will complete:

  • Six credits of the required 12 credits CJ electives
  • Three University required goals (2 writing and 1 oral requirement )
  • The courses with their learning community cohort
  • A foundation for securing employment in criminal justice and related fields
  • Theory and Research Methods with their learning community cohort including guaranteed enrollment
  • Will receive a certificate validating completion of the program


This year-long program consists of two courses:  one each during the fall and spring semesters.  Students will become immersed in several ways along with their cohort:  students will be involved in self-esteem and team building activities, introduced to the criminal justice major, local criminal justice agencies, campus resources and service initiatives which will serve as a resource for the students' acclimation to his or her environment.

We will select transfer students who have been admitted by UNC Charlotte as Majors or Pre-Majors.  Pre-CJ participants must agree to take Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJUS 1100) and/or Statistics 1222 (or be on the path to eventually take Statistics by taking Math 900 or 1100).  CJ majors must take CJ Theory (CJUS 3100) and/or Research Methods (CJUS 3101).  Each of these courses are taken with your LC  cohort while enrolled in our non-residential Learning Community.  Participants also have the option of living on campus.  

Each of these courses for credit must be completed by earning a grade of "C" or better.  There are study groups and in-class tutorials along with peer mentoring available during LC enrollment. 

For further ther information and/or an application packet please contact:
Learning Community website

Dr. Charisse T.M. Coston
Learning Community Coordinator
Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology