Job Opportunities


1) Target Protection Specialist (TPS) located at the Steel Creek SuperTarget. Any interested students please contact Michael Patterson directly so he can help navigate you through the application process. 



~ The University Career Center has recently re-structured the career advising load for all students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  To better serve this population, they now have specific career advisors dedicated to working with undergraduate and M.A./M.S. degree seeking students in these areas. 

Career Center Services for Students

The Career Center has many programs & services designed to accommodate a wide variety of career-related needs.

These 10-15 minute sessions are designed for students who have quick questions or would like to get their resume/C.V./Cover Letter/Statement of Purpose critiqued.  Career Advisors rotate shifts, but keep the same shift each week.


Students can make a 30-minute (1 hour for self-assessments) appointment with their career advisor for any career-related topic.  Some popular topics include:

  • Career Exploration/Career Opportunities
  • Resume C.V. and/or Cover Letter
  • Job Shadowing
  • Experiential Learning/Internship/49ership
  • Full Time Job Search
  • Graduate School Info
  • Job Search
  • Major Change
  • Mock Interview
  • Self-Assessment Interpretation (Strong and MBTI)