Three Criminal Justice and Criminology Faculty Awarded $500,000 Grant

Dr. Shannon Reid, Dr. Shelley Listwan, and Dr. Jennifer Hartman were recently awarded an approximately $500,000 award from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to evaluate a juvenile program focused on assisting youths who experienced trauma. The project entitled "Evaluating TARGET Trauma-Informed Juvenile Program in Community Corrections" is aimed at advancing evidence-based practices for trauma-informed care of youth in the juvenile justice system by conducting a process and outcome evaluation a well-established trauma curriculum currently offered within community-based treatment centers throughout Connecticut. 
Utilizing an experimental design, the project will examine outcomes among youth who receive trauma specific services against those who receive treatment as usual. The partners for the project include two main stakeholder groups. The Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (CSSD), who is responsible for data collection on youth and outcomes and Advanced Trauma Solutions, Inc. (ATS) who collects implementation and quality assurance data on the trauma informed care intervention. The implications for this project are wide reaching and impactful for juvenile justice involved youth, their families and the practitioners in charge of the youth’s care.